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Erotic Massages Barcelona

Discover our erotic massage letter

In the first place, We have Erotic massages Barcelona and sensitive because of that the therapist invite you to collaborate actively with her, transmitting your personal sense of sensuality, tact and eroticism, finally you will be happy.

Sapphire Masajes is an exclusive place with luxurious facilities, a team of beautiful and professional masseurs and an exquisite and suggestive offer of erotic massages for all types of clients. An oasis of pleasure where you can escape the frantic rhythm of everyday life, relax and enjoy all the pleasures of a good sensory massage.

Enjoy the best Erotic Massages Barcelona

Black Sapphire 

Sensitive Massage

Start with a relaxing sensory massage performed by your masseuse using different techniques that will make your senses vibrate, and in the second phase, the person will enjoy comfortably lying on a stretcher, the Lingam massage. Come and relax!

30´: 50€ – 45´: 80€

Blue Sapphire

Tantric massage

It is the most intense massage of our center, since it is a delicious torture combined with the maximum sedative and intoxicating pleasure. We stimulate your energy points or chakras. Discover this incredible experience!

30´: 70€ – 45´: 100€ – 60´: 120€

Yellow Sapphire

Sensual Massage

Very sensitive and fun massage in Barcelona, made in futon. The essential oils that we use together with your masseuse, will elevate you to another sensory plane and pleasure. You can use mask, to achieve greater sensations. You dare?

30´: 90€ – 45´: 130€ – 60´: 150€

Orange Sapphire

Body to body massage

It is the most sensual massage and without a doubt the most sensory of all, since you will discover new ways to stimulate your body, from different and novel perspectives. Feel pure pleasure with this massage that is applied with hot gel, on Tatami. You are ready?

30´: 110€ – 45´: 170€ – 60´: 200€

Violet Sapphire

Nuru fusion massage

Enjoy as never before and let yourself be carried away by our masseurs in an hour full of magic, sensuality, beauty … It is the massage tasting our menu, a Nuru Fusion, it includes all the massages intertwined in a harmonious and wonderful way. Do you dare to try it?

Precio: A consultar.

Red Sapphire

Erotic shower

This massage is the most special for you. Sculpt with Hot Gel the Silhouette of your Masseur… performing a dance on your skin, the masseuse will make your body go into an almost uncontrollable tension… then enjoy a sensory erotic shower… let yourself be carried away by it.

Precio: A consultar

Sapphire 4 hands

Massage with 4 hands

For an experience with double ration of eroticism and sensuality, you can enjoy our most erotic massages at the hands of two masseurs. Imagine four expert hands working on your body at the same time, you will not miss it… No?

Precio: consultar

Pink Sapphire

Massages for women

Erotic massages for which, precisely, they know and understand better the world of sensuality, relaxation and erotic play; They will be adapted to their tastes and at the pace they wish. The Yoni massage is the modality of tantric massage for women.

Precio: A consultar.

Couple Sapphire

Massage for Couples

They are the most romantic, sensual and fun massages, where we adapt more to your desires. For this we will pay special attention to your doubts and suggestions, making any of the chosen erotic massages a personalized one for you.

Precio: A consultar.

Rainbow Sapphire

Massages for Gays

The massages for gays in Barcelona are something more than a trend nowadays, they are a way of discovering that you can reach heaven without committing sin. Gay tantric massages a way to discover a new dimension of relaxation and where you can know yourself.

Precio: A consultar.