Sensitive Massage

Black Sapphire

Relax body and mind with our most sensitive massage

Always using your hands in a subtle and elegant way, the masseuse will get you to the total climax. This massage is performed on a stretcher, and the masseuse will offer you a welcome drink.
It is a relaxing massage, a manual therapy aimed at improving the well-being of the person since its maximum objective is to increase the production of endorphins in our body.The sensitive massage is a method of assessment and manual treatment of those parts of the human body that present some discomfort, or susceptible to present it, with the aim of improving pain, reducing or eliminating muscular tensions, improving blood and lymphatic circulation, achieving a relief from stress, anxiety and the tensions of day to day.In summary, the main objective of the Sensitive Relaxing Massage is to relieve tension and achieve a mental state of relaxation and pleasure, prioritizing manipulations and soft passes over sudden and strong movements, more reserved for therapeutic massage or deep tissue massage.Particularly sensual, the tantric massage has as its first objective the consciousness of the body, outside the control of the mental, far from the gestures and automatic behaviors of daily life.
Do not wait any longer and discover a state of deep relaxation at the hands of the best professionals.
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Black Sapphire 

Sensitive Massage

Start with a relaxing sensory massage performed by your masseuse using different techniques that will make your senses vibrate, and in the second phase, the person will enjoy comfortably lying on a stretcher, the Lingam massage. Come and relax!

30´: 50€ – 45´: 80€

Call to reserve with your masseuse! Telf: +34 604 40 82 31

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