Tantric massage

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Enjoy a real tantra massage in the heart of Barcelona

It is taught on a futon and it works throughout the body. We stimulate your energy points or chakras, in addition to all your senses. You have never tasted anything like it … Your masseuse will wrap you in sensations you will never forget, making a treat for your skin.

The tantric massage is practiced totally naked (without towel or thong). The masseuse uses a hot oil.
Unlike other massage techniques, it does not have established norms. At the same time sensual, enveloping and energizing, the tantric massage consists of great movements of union between all the parts of the body and the touch on the 7 chakras (energy points). The movements of massage, of light pressures and, above all, of friction are soft and slow, to such a point that it is difficult to follow them mentally. The hands of the masseuse slide from the feet to the head of her partner, as if she overestimated her body.

The idea is to introduce into the body a shudder, a vibration that makes any thought difficult.
Throughout the tantric massage, breathing is the essential: deep, made by the diaphragm, aims to loosen the muscle mass, unlock emotions to allow access to the beneficial sensations of touch.
Tantra massage is practiced in the center. This type of massage helps to better control bodily sensations in order to obtain greater relaxation at the level of sexuality.

Do not wait any longer and discover a state of deep relaxation at the hands of the best tantra massage professionals in Barcelona, ​​at Blue Sapphire Massages.

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Blue Sapphire

Tantric massage

It is the most intense massage of our center, since it is a delicious torture combined with the maximum sedative and intoxicating pleasure. We stimulate your energy points or chakras. Discover this incredible experience!

30´: 70€ – 45´: 100€ – 60´: 120€

Call to reserve with your masseuse! Telf: 609604074

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