Massage with 4 hands

Enjoy feeling the touch of 4 hands on your body

Massage performed by two perfectly synchronized masseurs, who provide total relaxation with a unique sensation very pleasant.

Imagine four expert hands working on your muscles at the same time with a coordination that allows the elimination of contractures, discomfort … since we have qualified masseuses and experts.

It is a massage performed by two therapists who work simultaneously aligning protocols, rhythms and characteristics relieving stress and muscle tension. The advantage is to achieve an even deeper relaxation.

The 4-hand massage generates a feeling of shared trust and fullness in the person receiving it.
Massage, music and aromatherapy are combined. It is performed with relaxation techniques that relieve different types of muscles. Being performed by two synchronized people, it harmonizes all the senses, thus recovering a positive frequency, and receiving a pleasant sensation of total relaxation, in order to disconnect from the daily stress.

You will notice how completely separate and distinct points are treated in parallel, so that your whole body will enter a state of harmony and relaxation.
This double massage on the body of the receiver provides a unique sensory experience that helps to forget tension and provides a total sense of well-being.

Amazing massage and the most exclusive of Asian erotic massages in Barcelona. Indicated for those who seek a totally new experience in relaxation. The sensation that you will perceive is unique and unequaled. A luxury for your body.
In the case of wishing this specialty it is important that you book in advance, especially if you want to choose masseurs for your four-hand massage session. Erotic massage in Barcelona.

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Sapphire 4 hands

Massage with 4 hands

For an experience with double ration of eroticism and sensuality, you can enjoy our most erotic massages at the hands of two masseurs. Imagine four expert hands working on your body at the same time, you will not miss it … No?

Price: on request

Call to reserve with your masseuse! Telf: +34 604 40 82 31

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