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With this massage, in addition to working your entire body, you can interact with the masseuse in the last part of the massage. The Sensual Massage begins with the Californian technique, which is a massage in which the masseuse picks up the body through long movements, stretching and twisting creating fluidity to relax the nervous system.

What differentiates it with other massages is the approach, for the therapist the massage is a moment of entering into meditation, silencing the mind, connecting the intuition and the heart in the hands, thus creating presence in your body and presence with the client. The session will begin with a gentle contact between therapist and client, to work with a therapeutic intention.
Sensual massage is practiced in the center. This type of massage helps to better control bodily sensations in order to obtain greater sensitivity at the level of sexuality.

The massage begins with a few touches on the towel to create confidence and connect with the body, will be firm touches and stretching the body. Through long movements the body will be traversed creating fluidity to relax the nervous system, different rhythms will be used so that the mind does not control, the thumbs will define the limits, mix with elbows and forearm to work the deepest musculature.

Do not wait any longer and discover a state of deep relaxation at the hands of the best professionals of sensual massage in Barcelona, ​​at Blue Sapphire Massages.

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Orange Sapphire

Body to body massage

It is the most sensual massage and without a doubt the most sensory of all, since you will discover new ways to stimulate your body, from different and novel perspectives. Feel pure pleasure with this massage that is applied with hot gel, on Tatami. You are ready?

30´: 110€ – 45´: 170€ – 60´: 200€

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