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The Yoni massage is the modality of tantric massage that focuses specifically on the woman’s body. It is an erotic dye massage that focuses especially on the female organs known as Yoni and seeks to achieve personal growth through pleasure. It is therefore a perfect massage to elevate your sensuality. In erotic massage for women, the masseuse or masseuse will travel throughout your body using different natural oils and different essences to awaken all your senses, increase your energy field and your sensitivity.

You can verify that when receiving this type of massage, the physical body loses the concept of time and space. The aromas of this massage will awaken your femininity, transporting you to the delicacy of your inner world.

This technique allows:

– Access and find the own mechanisms of pleasure as well as discover in the other the forgotten regions or closed to the conscious perception.

– Identify, differentiate and separate the erotic caresses from those of tenderness in the encounter with the other through contact and not only with the word.

– Unblock the mechanisms that inhibit deep and intense communication to be able to access the intimate and unreserved encounter with one’s environment.

– Leave behind the tensions that are deposited in the body and revitalize the senses.
Prior to these sessions we report the sensuality and respect that accompany the Massage; of the TOTAL absence of explicit sex in all sessions; of the freedom to choose the desired degree of eroticism; of the possibility of receiving your erotic massage in underwear, in towel, naked, as more comfortable we are.

If you don’t want to come alone, you can choose a couple’s massage to enjoy a relaxing and sensual session.

masajes eróticos en barcelona

Pink Sapphire

Massages for women

The erotic massages for which, precisely, they know and understand better the world of sensuality, relaxation and erotic play; They will be adapted to their tastes and at the pace they wish. The Yoni massage is the modality of tantric massage for women. They are prepared?

Price: on request

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