Nuru fusion massage

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An hour of massage with the best of each specialty, and as a finishing touch the naturist masseur, for your delight. Shape the beautiful body of your masseuse, making a gentle massage. In this massage you can interact gently from the beginning. Tantric massage in Barcelona

The hot and moisturizing oil or gel is the most pleasurable of this massage, a sliding game that allows the Masseur and the client to slide one over the body of the other. Special dedication is given to the most erogenous zones of the body. The maximum excitement is experienced because it develops according to the desire provided by continuous friction.

If you have never tried the Nuru Fusion Massage, ask for it here at Blue Sapphire Massages, because our professional Masseurs will offer you a unique session.

The word Nuru comes from a gel originating in Japan prepared from algae named Nori. The word Nuru means literally slippery, and that’s what this very original massage consists of: sliding body to body. Nuru fusion massage is nothing more than creativity, sensuality and pleasure. It is a shocking experience because of its high erotic content since the two bodies merge into one.

It is a really exciting massage because there is a real body to body contact with the masseuse. No massage allows this direct contact so it becomes a special sensation of friction, moist and pleasant.
Do not wait any longer and discover a state of deep relaxation at the hands of the best professionals of massage Nuru fusion in Barcelona, ​​in Blue Sapphire Massages.

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Violet Sapphire

Nuru fusion massage

Enjoy as never before and let yourself be carried away by our masseurs in an hour full of magic, sensuality, beauty … It is the massage tasting our menu, a Nuru Fusion, it includes all the massages intertwined in a harmonious and wonderful way. Do you dare to try it?

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