Are you looking erotic masseuses Barcelona to experience one of the most erotic massage? Blue Sapphire Barcelona we have the best professionals, erotic masseuses and erotic We masseurs, because if you are both a woman and a man you can choose who you want me to erotic massage.

Blue Sapphire is an erotic massage center in Barcelona. Its main objective is to offer wellness with each of the massages offered. Our erotic masseuses Barcelona will be waiting to take you to the pure state of relaxation.
You can enjoy our erotic massage therapists in our center in Barcelona Ronda Sant Pere 13, 2 floor or hiring erotic massage service at the hotel. This second service is a favorite of our customers. You just have to make the appointment with a little advance our private erotic massage and go to the hotel you say, with the utmost discretion. You can also pay in cash and credit card.

Our erotic masseuses Barcelona

After making a thorough selection, we have chosen the best masseurs Barcelona for erotic massage. They are a passionate and wild erotic masseuses who dominate perfectly the art of eroticism and massage techniques.
Each will carry out our extensive menu of erotic massage and can interact with it.
Our masseuses also possess beauty, are experts in the art of massage erotic tantra, have a gift in their hands and body … they know how to guide the receiver to the most exquisite pleasures are involved and their delivery is total, this makes the session is a real burning dream … which want to never wake up.

Choose one of our erotic massages given by our great erotic masseuses Barcelona

Light Blue Sapphire
This erótic massage begin with a relaxing massage using different techniques that will thrill your senses. After the relaxing massage we turn to the second part, a massage erótic … And not tell you more. Come and check it yourself. calls us!

Blue Sapphire
This massage is more intense. Erotic massage will stimulate all your energy points or chakras … In this erotic massage can not interact with your masseuse to end. You want to meet our stunning erotic masseuses Barcelona? calls us

Yellow Sapphire
In this massage the body massage, feathers, Wales … is very popular among the younger crowd is used because it is a very funny erotic massage. In addition, it is this massage session you can interact with erotic masseur massage half. You want to experiment with our stunning erotic masseuses Barcelona? Call us

Orange Sapphire
This massage is the most sensual and erotic of all. Along with our erotic massage you can discover new ways of stimulating your body. You’ll interact with the masseuse at the start with gentle strokes. calls us

Violet Sapphire
You want to try in one sitting all massages from our menu? For Violet Book a massage with one of our erotic masseuses Barcelona and discover what you like most of each. calls us

Red Sapphire
Enjoy our erotic masseuses Barcelona with this massage with hot gel, sensory erotic shower … lose yourself in these great professionals.
The contact is continuous … Do you dare? Calls hour!

Sapphire 4 hands
You do not have enough with an erotic massage? So here you have two masseurs, guaranteed maximum pleasure .. Do you dare? Calls us!

Pink Sapphire (for women)
It is an erotic massage for women. Usually women who want to receive massages erotic massage. In addition, you can choose the degree of eroticism by the erotic massage Barcelona: underwear, in towel, naked … as more comfortable you are. Have not you tried yet?

Couple Sapphire
If you share everything with your partner, this is your massage. Erotic massage will make any of the massages that are in the letter to you and your partner.


You want to meet our stunning erotic masseuses Barcelona and enjoy together with your partner? Calls us!

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