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The Best Lingam Massage Barcelona

How to make a good massage Lingam Massage Barcelona lingam is the stimulation of the intimate areas, named in Tantra and massage Yoni in the case of women, their goal is not orgasm but spiritual elevation and the universal connection through sexual energy who wakes up.

An ideal place to give your partner a massage Lingam is before eating or several hours later, after a relaxing bath, etc. To begin always kept for a few minutes eye contact, sitting both front and breathing should be deep; feeling the beating of your partner .. Start with a full body massage to connect with the feelings will intensify as you progress, directing energy to total relaxation …

When finished, tell him to turn his back and make sure that is leaning comfortably with her legs open so you can give tantric massage the Lingam with total freedom of movements of, you can use any kind of oil such as almond oil, hands to slide more easily. Begin massaging the lingam from the bottom upwards slowly and gently caresses the glans, testicles, the entire area, not a corner left untouched.

If too excited notes, pause and tell him to breathe deeply, he will feel eager to continue erotic massage to ejaculate and orgasm, but remember that this is not the end. Lingam massage is a technique that aims to achieve mastery of sexual energy.

If it is not in man and is shed through semen, day by day as practice progresses you will feel increasingly vital and healthy, will open a new world to him inside connecting spiritually.

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In our center we have erotic massage and sensitive where the therapist invite you to collaborate actively with it, transmitting your personal sense of sensuality, tact and eroticism.

Full of nuances and different intensities, will become aware of all the possibilities offered by the body, skin and guided by your beautiful masseuse who will take you to a sublime blast your senses touch.

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