Massages not only on the back!,  There are many areas of the body that can also benefit from their healthy properties.                                                                                                                                        You hear the word massage and you only think, almost immediately, on your back. Yes, that part of our body is usually the most benefited at the time of receiving massages, also because it is one of the most suffering, especially in the cervical and lumbar area.

Legs and feet are also often heard when performing a relaxing massage. But there are more areas that can benefit.

The sensations that occur in them and the benefits that are achieved.

Massages not only on the back!

Ear massage

Maybe you have not thought about it, but a massage on the ears is not only relaxing, but it can also be beneficial. Stimulates circulation at energetic and blood levels. This region is a reflex zone that projects the rest of the body. In this way, working with massage on them, especially in the lobes, strengthens the functions of all the organs, especially the kidneys, which are activated indirectly.

Massage in the Buttocks

We are facing one of the most sensitive parts of the body and an area where a well applied massage can have many benefits. On the one hand, and because of its closeness to the kidneys, it encourages them to work more and better, also helping the sciatic nerve, avoiding possible lumbago. Also, a massage in this region, in addition to an absolute sensation of relaxation, will activate circulation in this area, thus preventing the appearance of cellulite and the concentration of fat, producing a draining effect.

Massages not only on the back!

Massage on fingers and hands

The fingertips and hands are, on the one hand, very resistant, but on the other, highly sensitive. Although they are the ones that are usually used to massage, they can also be massaged. By means of pressure techniques on this point of the fingers, an area of ​​the body that usually accumulates a lot of tension is relaxed, both by somatization, and by the very work that is done with them on a day-to-day basis.

Massaging the hands is positive to avoid uncomfortable symptoms produced, for example, by osteoarthritis or also by what is now called as the trigger-effect, a stagnation of the thumbs, a direct consequence of the use of technological devices and the positions that are used to handle them.

Face Massage

The face is usually massaged in small facials, but what you do not tend to do is a technique that is, entirely, a face massage. There are many examples that come from the East. A clear example is kobido, a millenarian procedure of Japanese origin that applies tapping and stretching methods.

With them a natural lifting effect of the skin is achieved through the reactivation of the circulation and the natural generation of collagen that cause different movements. In addition, this type of treatment achieves a deep state of tranquility through a holistic experience that covers more areas, such as aromatherapy.

Head massage

A treatment in this area is very suitable for those people who usually suffer stress or migraines. Applied by Ayurvedic techniques with essential oils, these massages are beneficial, as this is an area that acts as a pressure point at a general level. The work on this region produces a sensation of absolute lightness, creating a pleasant effect. In addition, with it you can activate the cranial and body circulation, promoting the good health of our hair and relaxing all muscles.

Massages not only on the back!

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